Coach Gordie: Canadian Hockey 101

Day 7: Canadian Hockey 101

Team Canada put on a lesson in Hockey Wednesday night in Vancouver. The First 20 minutes were as good of a period in hockey as you could hope to see. They overpowered the Russians physically and were sharper mentally. The game plan was simple, put the puck in the tough areas of the ice, go and get it and if someone is in your way, Run Them Over! The Russians could not keep pace on Wednesday.

As much as Canada had looked uninspired, unorganized, and unable to achieve the highest step on the podium in front of the fans in it’s own country. Wednesday night’s performance made believers out of the most skeptical of us.

Team Canada played a game that made us all proud to be Canadian. Hard nosed, high skilled and in your face hockey was front and center stage. Wednesday was lesson on how to play the game even against the most skilled adversaries.

Size, speed, skill, physical play, heart and passion were all on display in the win over the Russians and that will have to continue in Vancouver for a few more days as Canada remains the heavy favorite for Gold.

Slovakia over Sweden? As everyone else, I was sure of a Sweden-Canada Semifinal match up. The Defending Champs vs the Home team Heros could of been one for the ages. In the Olympics it’s best if you don’t look too far ahead unless you are Team Sweden or Russia then you must now look 4 years down the Road!

Enjoy watching Canada win the Gold Medal!

Oh yeah wait, we have to get through Slovakia first!

Gordie Dwyer

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