Coach Gordie: ”What a way to win!”

The Final Day: What a way to WIN!

Sidney Crosby at the 7:40 mark of the 1st period of OT of the Gold Medal game sent all Canadians into Historic Celebration! With a quick flick of the stick, Crosby lifted all 30 Million Canadians into the air! The whole country erupted! Crosby, Canada’s true hockey super star scored the ”Golden Goal” to cap off an unforgettable Olympic Winter Games. The last medal of the games and the record breaking 14th Gold medal for one country, just hours before the Olympic flame in Vancouver was extinguished with Pride and Honor.

A well contested final, the USA were a formidable foe for the Gold medal game. With both teams playing on the cautious side in the 1st period. Team Canada took the momentum and lead over in the 2nd but with the expectations of the country and a surge from the Americans in the 3rd, Myself, my 2 Canadian flag waving boys Jack and Ryan, 30 million other Canadians and Team Canada found ourselves headed for OT.

Where was Sidney Crosby?

Crosby a true Canadian hero today had practically been invisible during the event. A non-factor in most of the games, Crosby and Team Canada were face to face with the possibility of losing perhaps the biggest game Hockey Canada had ever played! But Crosby like other greats in the past with the world watching like Paul Henderson in ’72, Lemeuix and Gretzky in ’87, and Forsberg in ’94 found a way to become the hero so many Canadians hoped he would be. Scoring the ”Golden Goal”!

Great teams and players always create lasting memories, and this was one we will all remember. My boys have already faced-off for the Gold Medal, today in our living room, hoping to be Crosby and win it all. And that is what the Olympic Games are all about. With the best players in the same place, playing for their respective countries, igniting old and new passion for this great game!

4 years seems so far away…

Gordie Dwyer

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  1. Nordström skriver:

    Big thanx Gordie for these remarkable blog entries! It’s been pure pleasure to follow the Olympics with you!!

    Do come back to Örebro!

  2. Gordie skriver:

    It was great to cover the Olympics for everyone. The Fans in Orebro are Great and it is good to still be part of all the action. I have enjoyed all the feedback and comments. Good Luck to the team and the fans the rest of the way this season. Orebro Hockey is a great organization and I look forward to possibly working with you all again.