Coach Gordie: ”Favorites and underdogs!”

Day 5: Expectations!

Favorites or Underdogs.

Who has the advantage in the biggest pressure cooker in all of hockey? Logic would have to tell most that the Favorite would be, or is it the Underdog?

Underdogs can truly enjoy their Olympic experience. With a nothing to lose and all to win attitude, leaving it all on the ice can prove to be a major factor in a win or go home tournament. Great team performances are always fuelled by all of the individuals playing above and beyond Expectations.

Favorites! Built with quality from quantity and success a must. Teams like Russia, Sweden and Canada’s toughest adversity might not come from the ice but rather from Expectations.

Expectations from your Country, the fans, the staff and most importantly, your teammates can be hard to play up to. Buying into their roles, playing hard as a team and with confidence in themselves and each other will most certainly make them the Champions they were always Favorite to be. Right?

Favorites should be Champions, Underdogs can be Champions. The stage is set!

Olympic Watch
Imagine if you could build a hockey player with the Skating ability of Russian Figure skater Evgeny Plushenko? , Sweden’s Ski star Anja Pärson’s? Toughness and USA’s Snow board king Shawn White’s Creativity!

Underdogs could become extinct!

Gordie Dwyer

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3 svar

  1. Joker skriver:

    Underdogs will never be extinct in hockey. The sport needs it punchingbags.

    But in all honesty, are there really underdogs in this tournament? Besides Sweden, US, Russia and Sweden the only real underdogs could be the Czech Republic and Finland, right? And a closer look at those teams show a good bunch of really great players.

    Then again, with the number of north american on-ice officials (I think at least half of them are from the NHL) underdogs can be made out of any european team 🙂

  2. runaway skriver:

    In this Olympic tournament, all teams are underdogs. except the Canadians. And no, i havent tried REAL canadian beer, but i will, just to see if its like horse pee!

  3. Kevin skriver:

    Gordie was my favourite player growing up. Thanks Gordie for all the things you taught me. You are the best.
    Your friend