Coach Gordie: ”Because I am Canadian!”

Day 4: Why this and why what!

Yes, one simple word… WHY!

With so many questions and only one Gold Medal winner, it is obvious that we all have questions about the selections of our country’s hockey teams.

Why Steve Yzerman to lead Team Canada? Why not Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier or Scotty Bowman for that matter? Why Mike Babcock as Head Coach? Because of the Detroit connection? Why not Alain Vigneault or Brett Sutter?

Why Ducan Keith? Why Brent Seabrook? Because of Detroit’s record with Chicago? Why not Jay Bouwmeester, Mike Green or Dion Phaneuf?

Why not Steven Stamkos, Martin St.Louis or Vincent Lecavalier? Because they play for Tampa Bay?

Why will we not be the physical presence that Canadian hockey is famous for? Why will we play a puck possession game like the Russians and the Swedes? Why not at least one Defenceman like Phaneuf to change the momentum of a game with an open ice hit and discourage other teams from carrying the puck through the neutral zone? Why would you not select possibly the best Power Play Defenceman in the NHL in Mike Green, if power plays are so important?

In writing this I caught myself asking the question why as well. It was not the usual stuff like why do I have red hair? And why am I so attractive? Ha-Ha But rather why do I care? Why this? Why that? Why?

I guess it all comes down to passion for our teams and the game. There is only one question I hope to answer after the Olympics.

WHY was I so worried?

Because I am Canadian.

Gordie Dwyer

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2 svar

  1. Andreas skriver:

    Red hair this, red hair that!

    It is all about the red beard 😀

  2. Foret skriver:

    There is only one essential question to ask after the Olympics: What has Sweden that Canada don’t have since Sweden took the Gold and Canada something else (silver, bronze or worse)?