Coach Gordie: ”All left to do…”

Day 8: The Gold Medal Game

Team Canada is where they always hoped to be, in the Gold Medal final at the Olympics in Vancouver.

After years of preparation, scrutinized player selections, inconsistent performances during the games, Team Canada is only 60 minutes away from memories that will last a life time for Canadians. The Last medal of the Games, Canada’s chance at a record breaking 14 Gold medals on home soil, an exclamation point for a Great Olympic Games, and most importantly the title of Men’s Hockey Olympic Champions!

Team Canada will have to play like Champions today to get past the USA. A young bunch of talented players with the swagger worthy of most American’s reputations, they are a real threat to our Gold Medal.

Ryan Miller has been almost unbeatable during the games but with Sidney Crosby and company leading the charge, we should be able to get a winning goal past him. All left to do is watch, cheer and enjoy the game. There is always time for questions after…

Go Canada Go!

Gordie Dwyer

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  1. Nordström skriver:

    Hockey belongs in Canada, I’ll take a canadian gold medal over an american any day (or at least any four years).