Coach Gordie: Ah, the Swedes!

Day 2: Team Sweden

Ah, the Swedes!

The Tre Kronor. Home to Ikea and the Hot-dog. The Land of Blondes, Snus, Bicycles and the Androgynous Hair Style. But most importantly: Defending Gold Medal Hockey Champions at the Winter Olympic Games…

Like other Canadian hockey fans I can’t recall every detail on how Sweden beat it’s Nordic arch rivals Finland in the finals of the 2006 Winter Games, but I’m sure Tommy Salo wasn’t in the net!

Yes, Sweden has talent with the likes of Lidstrom, the Sedins, Zetterberg, Alfredsson, Backstrom, Forsberg and Lundqvist but it’s quite a drop from there.

No Sundin though unless he changes his mind about retiring again, no Samuelsson (I heard he wasn’t too happy about not being named either! They can go %&#* themselves is what he choose to say about it!) Doug Murray instead of Victor Hedman? Everyone in Sweden must always be sleeping when the Sharks play! Mattias Weinhandl? Patric Hornqvist? Even a one legged Johan Franzen might of been a more logical choice.

But it might all come down to the play of the man with the most famous foot in all of Sports and a so-called Monster!

Jonas Gustavsson was a ”Monster” last season but he has played more like a ”Fairy” in Toronto this year. If Lundquist can’t hold the fort, the ”Monster” might have to make a reappearance in Vancouver!

And Last but not least, the famous foot will be in Vancouver! For a guy who owns the most comfortable shoe company in the world, he sure has had us all on foot fetish roller coaster in the past few seasons. I hate to say I told you so but if the Swedes return to Glory, the foot will be a non-issue. But if the Russians skate circles around him, be prepared for more of the same infected toenail business again!

Ah, the Russians!

Gordie Dwyer

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4 svar

  1. Nordström skriver:

    Foppa-toffla! Foppa-toffla!

  2. Marcus Larsson skriver:

    Nice blogg Dwyer!

  3. Fozzy skriver:

    I´m sure that Henke Lundqvist can hold the fort 🙂
    I don´t think Sweden is strong enough for gold this time, a medal would be great !

  4. Martin skriver:

    Thank you for a great blog! We miss you here in Örebro but you will always be in our hearts, you brought us up to allsvenskan!

    Also must say that we swedes love Doug Murray, he is a great hitter, just like you! And Weinhandl is a great striker, he can be very valuable!