Coach Gordie: $1000 Shoes!

Day 3: Rest of the World

Ah the Russians,

As I’ve had the experience of playing with Russian hockey players, I’ve learned the fact that most are of a very different breed! I could never fathom a $ 350.00 room service lunch tab for one?! Or why most choose not to wear socks in their $1000.00 Versace black shoes?! $1000.00 smelly shoes? $1000.00 Shoes!

Commander Alexander Ovechkin will lead his Big Red Machine Hockey Super Power into the games in Vancouver. The most exciting player in the tournament and surrounded with great offensive players like Malkin, Semin, Kovalchuk, Markov and Datsyuk. The Russians might be the team to beat. With the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014 and the possibility of the NHL not being part of the event, we are sure to see the Russians make a statement! And if I was the Head of the Russian federation, I would throw in some Cash for a Gold Medal just to make sure the boys won’t have to worry about their Room Service Bills in Vancouver.

With Canada, Russia and Sweden my favorites for Medals in Vancouver, there is an outside chance of another team sneaking onto the podium. The short tournament format and often win or go home challenge, Goaltending and Streaky Scoring can make Olympic heros out of the least likely of foes. Here are a few of the other countries with a shot

The Finns are always a Gritty group but with Selanne a question mark, they will have a hard time finding the back of the net. After threatening he would rather go on Vacation if he wasn’t the starter, Kiprusoff best not of thought Vancouver was his choice destination for a little R and R.

A young and exciting team from the States, The only Superstar they have is GM Brian Burke! I like their chances in 2014.

Czech Republic…
Once again all eyes are on Jaromir Jagr. Maybe his last chance on North American Ice or back with the Russian Mafia, where you get payed with Brown paper bags full of Cash.

Marian Hossa and Gaborik can score but with never winning a Medal to date will top 5 be good enough? Ziggy Palffy? Really?

With the start of the Tournament only a day away, it will be a great hockey showcase for all hockey fans. The only way it could be any better would be if you were as Lucky as I am to sit back, watch the games while enjoying a Great Canadian Beer! Sorry Sweden! Ha Ha!

Let the Games Begin…

Gordie Dwyer

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7 svar

  1. martin skriver:

    Hey Gordie!

    I am of the impression that north american hockey is a little bit rougher (at least it looks that way in the NHL). maybe it is beceause of the smaller rink and the faster game. or is it simply so?

    Is it not hard to to keep a good ”international level” for the referees?


  2. runaway skriver:

    Ha, Canadian beer?? If it is anything like budweiser, childbeer, you should envy us!
    I`ll go for a Heiniken anyday…

    And for the record, it will be between Canada and Russia the gold medal fight will be.

  3. Martin skriver:

    Russia looks very dangerous, I´m not surprised if they will face your country in the final, but of course I hope Sweden goes to a great final against Canada. There is nothing like beating Canada 😉

    A little change of subject, did you see the final of the junior world cup? Probably the greatest game I have ever seen! Two teams who really know how to play entertaining hockey in small rinks, aah, love it!

  4. Gordie skriver:


    Hockey in North America is more physical. Hitting and fighting are still a big part of the game here, but unfortunately we will not see much of it at the Olympics.

    The world junior game was great. The USA beat Canada in the final this year but the Game that was one for the ages was the Final last year between Canada and Russia. A crazy finish to a great game. Hopefully the Olympics will be half as exciting as was that game.


    If you confuse Budweiser Beer for Canadian again I will have to show you how tough Canadian hockey player really are! I thought Heiniken was German for ”Liquid from a Horse” ! Better look that up! HaHa

  5. Nordström skriver:

    Heineken is a dutch beer but it probably contains what you say Gordie. (And no doubt that the german animals probably have the most foul of liquids).

    I had som Canadian porter recently that was really awesome. North American micro breweries really rock if you ask me.

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